It’s a fact of life that credit cards are part and parcel to modern society. The majority of people use them now, and they’ve become an indispensable part of peoples lives. Cards can be used to make purchases at a store or restaurant, buy products online, pay for services rendered, or even withdraw money from an ATM machine…

So what should you do if you’re trying to build up your credit score? It is recommended that you establish multiple monthly revolving accounts. This will help prevent emergencies from being disastrous situations with outrageous interest rates. Always work on the principle of having small balances on each card so that your available balance is larger than what needs to be paid off each month.

Financial experts recommend using different cards for different purposes. A general use card should be used for all of your purchases and this should be the card with the lowest interest rate. You should then have a separate card for emergencies or an unforeseen situation that may arise. Use this card only if necessary and charge as little as possible so that it will not interfere with your current revolving accounts.

The credit card companies have realized that it is in their best interest to help consumers learn how to handle credit, both good and bad, because they realize that people who are financially stable are more likely to use credit cards more frequently. Therefore, they have created a number of programs to help teach consumers how to budget their money wisely. The most common terms used by the credit card companies are “good” and “bad.” The good credit score is 700, while the bad credit score is below 600.

The first step in rebuilding a poor credit rating is to establish new revolving accounts that can be paid on time each month. It may take a year or more before you see an effect on your overall credit score, but if you continue using only one card for all purchases and never carry a balance from month to month, your scores will go up in due time.
Primary Author: Anderson Bates (Financial Advisor) http://www.creditcardsbadcreditguide.com

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